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Sharing the climb

Being at the heart of innovation

Sharing the climbing of tomorrow is to create an ecosystem of climbing enthusiasts, in order to build an innovative and serene future, adapted to the desires of all.

Ino’Holds takes root of this union, of this ideology to conceive the climbing of tomorrow. 

To propose unusual objects; to answer specific expectations; to open the way towards new routes. Routesetters, shapers, climbers and manufacturers experiment hand in hand with innovative and contemporary climbing holds, reinventing the style of climbing and the way to move.

AlpX range, ALPHA.006, Rîdges texture detail

Exploring your senses

AlpX, textured skins

Initially representative of rock – complex, full of asperities with a strong granular texture – the climbing hold has gradually been transformed into a very refined form; simplified and codified. Adapting to its flourishing indoor environment, the climbing hold becomes colorful; animated by dynamic and vivid forms.

With Ino’Holds, we reinvent the climbing hold known until now. Between finely drawn lines and curious textures, our climbing holds advocate a return to the senses. Reconnect with your emotions and explore unknown sensations through new climbing experiences.

Ino'Holds, notre technologie GreenMix
Hemp fiber charge in the GreenMix

Reinventing materials

GreenMix, the innovative material

Reinventing the material means questioning it. Questioning its technical characteristics, its ecological impact, its sensitive qualities. With GreenMix, we create a more sustainable, more responsible and more ecological material.

© Simon Favrot, shaper

Making the climb

A French, ethical and ecological brand

To make tomorrow’s climbing is to be aware of the influence we have. Today more than ever, it is imperative to offer conscious products. To revalue the French manufacture is to pay homage to the History of the rich French climbing.

Ino’Holds offers ethical products. The French know-how is honored for these products of an ethical quality as strong as aesthetic. Climbing responsibly is always possible.