In bouldering, a fall to the ground with a bad landing is the 3rd cause of injury. It causes damage (sprains and dislocations) especially to the joints: ankles, knees and wrists. Promoting down climbing allows everyone to climb more safely. Down climbing avoids successive falls which produce shock waves absorbed by the lower back.

Meticulously designed, Jugs Down XL offers optimal grip to climbers. The down climbing is safe and comfortable. The cylindrical shape of the grip provides a hook that maximizes friction forces for calm down climbing !

Suitable for slabs with their slight prominence, it can also be used on slopes. A large space at the back of the grip does not limit the stop of the fingers when gripping it. It provides ideal grip when the grip is located downstream of the downspout or on an inclined wall. Jugs Down XL is wide enough to easily bring/change hands. Without protrusion thanks to its flared shape, we avoid shocks to the head, elbow and knee during an ascent.


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