1. Innovative Material

GreenMix is an innovative blend. Between polyurethane resin and polyester resin, GreenMix is a hybrid material with surprising properties. A French innovation that offers a new way of making climbing.

2. Technical Material

GreenMix is a technical subject. It retains the positive properties of polyester resin such as: the durability of the exemplary grain, strong UV resistance, reasonable cost. The disadvantages are avoided: the natural material makes our mixture of a good lightness, a robust resistance and a better resistance to shocks.

3. Ecological Material

GreenMix is a recycled, fortified and durable material.
Our innovative use of hemp fibre adds lightness and robustness to this hybrid material.
Thanks to recycled PET and bio-sourced materials, the share of non-recyclable materials in our mix is significantly reduced.
1 recycled plastic bottle for 1 liter of GreenMix made!
All raw materials come from French production, which promotes the country’s economic development while promoting ecology.

Download our information leaflet on our GreenMix innovation